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Washington Post ripped for story on world's 'dread' about Americans celebrating Thanksgiving

Nov 27, 2020

Washington (USA) November 27: The Washington Post drew flak Thursday for a story about the world's "dread" about Americans' Thanksgiving celebrations during the coronavirus pandemic.
"As Americans prepare to gather for Thanksgiving, the world watches with dread and disbelief," the Post tweeted, with a story compiling foreign criticism of U.S. citizens choosing to travel as COVID-19 cases spike nationwide.
Among those quoted was Yap Boum, a Cameroonian epidemiologist who said he found it "really crazy" that Americans would risk the health of themselves and loved ones. The Post reported that international outlets and foreign journalists were "covering Thanksgiving travel in the United States extensively, with a mixture of concern, bewilderment and schadenfreude."
Conservative commentator Drew Holden, known for his Twitter threads exposing media hypocrisy and inconsistencies, noted that the Post did not take a scolding tone when covering crowded victory celebrations for President-elect Joe Biden. Another user observed such a tone was also absent from a piece on protests against the White House in June.
The Washington Examiner's Siraj Hashmi summed up many conservative responses containing colorful language, posting:
Critics have noted throughout 2020 that top officials and media members have frequently failed to apply consistent coronavirus health standards depending on who is gathering and why.
Leading health officials who previously embraced strict social distancing measures praised Black Lives Matter protests in the aftermath of George Floyd's death this summer, and top Democrats who supported the Floyd protests ripped President Trump for holding rallies during the pandemic.
A montage by media watchdog NewsBusters in June also exposed CNN and MSNBC pundits and hosts scolding conservative rallies as dangerous while praising liberal crowds.
One estimate this month found 50 million Americans were expected to travel for Thanksgiving this year, the largest one-year drop in that figure since 2008. However, that number may wind up being smaller with reports of canceled flights and travel plans over mounting health concerns.
Source: Fox News