US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo (File photo)

US reaches understanding with Taliban on 'significant reduction' of violence across Afghanistan

Feb 21, 2020

Washington D.C. [USA], Feb 21 (ANI): US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo on Friday said that an understanding has been reached with the Taliban on 'significant reduction' in violence across Afghanistan.
"After decades of conflict, we have come to an understanding with the Taliban on a significant reduction in violence across #Afghanistan. This is an important step on a long road to peace, and I call on all Afghans to seize this opportunity," Pompeo tweeted.
The development comes days after Afghanistan's election commission declared incumbent president Ashraf Ghani as the winner of polls conducted in September 2018, following a delay of around five months.
Officials said that a week-long "reduction in violence" between the Taliban, the US and Afghan security forces will begin at midnight on Friday, Al Jazeera reported.
The pact reached during talks between US and Taliban representatives, if maintained, could secure a peace deal that would lead to a withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan.
Pompeo said that upon successful implementation of this agreement, the US would move to sign the peace agreement with the Taliban on February 29.
US and Taliban negotiators have been meeting in Doha since 2018 even though fighting has raged in war-torn Afghanistan which has led to death of thousands of civilians even as the group has expanded its territorial control. (ANI)