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US intelligence assesses what China thinks about the two presidential candidates Biden and Trump?

Jun 20, 2024

Washington [US], June 20: US intelligence assesses that Chinese leaders do not prefer any of the two US presidential candidates, Mr. Joe Biden and Mr. Donald Trump.
Bloomberg news agency on June 20 quoted US officials as saying that the country's intelligence community had made an unpublicized assessment of the Chinese leadership's views on the upcoming US presidential election. Accordingly, they believe that Beijing sees little or no positive side from the upcoming election between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump .
A week before the first face-to-face debate between the two candidates, US intelligence agencies assessed that China had not shown a clear preference for either candidate.
This conclusion suggests that Chinese officials believe gender relations between the two countries will continue to deteriorate over the long term, despite recent increased high-level contacts to manage differences.
The above assessment is said to coincide with what Chinese officials said in interviews. According to them, Beijing believes that the two candidates intend to restrain China and prevent its rise.
During his time in office, Mr. Trump waged a trade war with China by imposing taxes on goods imported from the country, strengthening high-level relations with Taiwan and reorienting military strategy to deal with North Korea. Terrible. The tax rates were maintained under his successor, Joe Biden .
The Office of the US Director of National Intelligence declined to comment on the above assessment. The Chinese Embassy in the US announced it would not comment on the US election because it is Washington's internal matter.
Chinese officials believe that Mr. Trump's second term may bring new measures to suppress China. The Republican candidate has suggested a 60% tariff on Chinese-made goods.
However, Beijing believes that Mr. Trump may weaken the relationship between Washington and its allies, opening up opportunities for China. During Mr. Trump's first term, the United States had conflicts with Europe over military spending , as well as with South Korea and Japan over the cost of stationing soldiers.
What China worries about Mr. Biden's second term is the possibility that he will strengthen relations with regional partners to counter Beijing's aggression.
Source: Thanh Nien Newspaper