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Longer curfew possible for central Australian town: chief minister

Apr 02, 2024

Canberra [Australia], April 2: A youth curfew in a central Australian town could be extended, authorities have warned.
Chief Minister of the Northern Territory (NT) Eva Lawler said on Monday that the town of Alice Springs has been much more quiet since the two-week curfew was imposed on Wednesday but said an extension could be necessary to cover the entirety of the school holiday period.
Under the curfew, which was imposed in response to a series of destructive and violent incidents in the town, anyone under 18 is not allowed out in public in the central business district of Alice Springs between 6 p.m. and 6 a.m.
Lawler said at a press conference on Monday that NT Police picked up 25 people who were in violation of the curfew on Sunday night, all of whom were taken home where their families were offered access to support services.
The curfew is currently due to end on April 10, prior to the end of school holidays in the NT on April 15.
"We looked at that two-week period to cover Easter and the start of the school holiday," Lawler said.
More than 50 additional NT Police officers have been deployed to Alice Springs to enforce the curfew.
However, state media the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) reported on Tuesday that the police force's union, the Northern Territory Police Association (NTPA), has advised members that the curfew may not be lawful.
Asked on Monday about concerns surrounding the legality of the curfew, Lawler said she would welcome any legal challenges to its validity.
Source: Xinhua