Academia to Industry: IEM-UEM's Singapore Study Abroad Programme Marks 10 Years

Academia to Industry: IEM-UEM's Singapore Study Abroad Programme Marks 10 Years

Jun 20, 2024

New Delhi [India], June 20: To mark another milestone over the skyline of Singapore, the IEM-UEM Group recently celebrated the peak of its 10th Study Abroad Programme at the National University of Singapore (NUS). Ranked 8th globally and 1st in Asia, NUS delivered an enriching educational experience to undergraduate engineering students in areas such as Data Science, Generative AI, Internet of Things, Metaverse, Robotic Process Automation, MQTT Protocol Implementation, AI in Robotics, Cybersecurity, and Industry 5.0.

Over 150 students from the IEM-UEM Group participated in the programme, organised into two batches to ensure a focused learning environment. Renowned professors, scientists, and researchers from top institutions, including NUS, Nanyang Technological University, LIGS University, and Singapore University of Technology and Design, led workshops on advanced topics and practical applications, providing a blend of theoretical and hands-on knowledge.
The event was graced by Dr. Tan Kian Hua, Chief Information Security Officer at LPS, Associate Professor of AI, ML, and Cybersecurity, LIGS University; Dr. Erik Cambria, Professor, Nanyang Technological University, Founder of SenticNet; Dr. Sreekanth R., Data Science Lead at MANN+HUMMEL Group; Dr. Gabor Benedek, Data Scientist Partner at Lynx Analytics and Thesys SEA; Marton Szel, Director of Data Science at Lynx Analytics; and Alexandre Gerbeaux, RVP, Data Science Practice, APAC at DataRobot, Board Member, La French Tech Singapore.

Guest lectures from industry leaders, including founders, CEOs, managing directors, and CTOs of renowned companies, shared their valuable insights into the latest technological trends and career opportunities with the students and motivated them to excel in their fields.
Dr. Koo Ping Shung, Co-founder/Practicum Director, Data Science Rex Pte. Ltd., Advisory Board, ETCIO South-East Asia; Dr. Kwan Hui Lim, Professor of Computer Science at Singapore University of Technology and Design, MOE Advisory Board Member; Dr. Yong Heng Michael Tan, Professor, Nanyang Business School, and other eminent personalities were also present to shed light on their observations.
The programme facilitated numerous internship offers and research opportunities. The students even received invitations to join renowned organisations and research projects, setting the stage for their future careers. Some companies and organisations also offered direct job placements in various multinational companies and organisations in Singapore upon the completion of their studies at IEM and UEM. Interactions with leading professionals and academics broadened students' perspectives, allowing them to explore diverse career paths and research initiatives.
Lab visits at NUS were a highlight of the programme, where students observed live demonstrations of advanced technologies and research projects. These visits provided a real-world context to their theoretical knowledge, enhancing their understanding and enhancing their interest in various research fields.
The programme also emphasised cultural immersion and professional development. Students experienced Singapore's rich culture and disciplined lifestyle, broadening their global perspective and intercultural understanding. This aspect was crucial in shaping well-rounded individuals ready to excel in an increasingly interconnected world.
The 10th edition of the Study Abroad Programme marks another milestone in the IEM-UEM Group's dedication to enhancing excellence in education and global collaboration. This initiative continues to empower students, equipping them with the skills and experiences necessary to lead in the dynamic fields of engineering and technology.
Dr. Satyajit Chakraborty, Director, IEM-UEM Group, expressed his enthusiasm about the programme's success: He said that their programme at the National University of Singapore has provided their students with unparalleled learning opportunities. This programme did not only enhance their academic knowledge but also prepare them to meet industry demands. He also added, "We are committed to continuing such initiatives that bridge the gap between academia and industry. Our commitment to providing world-class education and exposure to the latest technological advancements remains unmatched, and we look forward to many more successful editions of this programme's."
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